Madeleine Belle is a professional fire performer and hoop dancer from Philadelphia. She mesmerizes and captivates her audience with her hypnotic flow, technical skills, and elegance. Unique and versatile, she specializes in fire breathing, fire eating, fire hoops, fire torches, fire palm torches, fire fans and more. Madeleine also has a custom-made deer antler fire headdress that is spectacular to see!

Madeleine has toured the U.S. with the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow, and has also toured in Asia with circus troupe Spark! Circus. To witness her performances is breathtaking to say the least!



Flame Nouveau is a fire dance cabaret of sizzling performers from the Allentown area who incorporate bellydance elements. Crowds will be wowed by this fiery spectacle, which includes hoop, fans, staff, sword and other mesmerizing acts in the cabaret/fusion bellydance form. This rotating gallery of fire dance artists evokes the spirit of vaudeville shows with its hot jazz, gypsy and klezmer music. For more information visit